Yo peeps this be Proto with a new photo, ok and………I’m done. Allrighty, how ya’ll doin this fine, um, Tuesday evening? I’m not doing to bad. I finally started packing for my pilgrimmage out to the lake here in a couple days. It’s gonna be nice going back. It’s a weird feeling, but just the feeling of starting over. You guys know what I’m talkin about, right? The feeling of anticipation, the feeling of optimism, all that other stuff that gets shot down after 2 1/2 weeks of reality. You know, right? Right? Well, even if you don’t, that’s where I’m at right now. I also have listed things that I am going to be involved in this year and the total came out to double digits. Well, it’s not really all things that I’m involved in, but things that will take time out of my day. So this is already going to be an interesting year, and it hasn’t really even started yet. But I am anxious to see everybody and move in and take on the year. It’s going to be weird being a Senior, but hey, if I don’t do it right, I can try again next year. Ahhhhhhhh yes.

     In other news, I am going to be meeting with the youth pastor at The Chapel in Akron. Heard of it? If you have, it’s probably because it’s a church of uh, 9000 people! Holy shnikes, and I thought my church had a lot of people. But yeah, my dad was on this panel thing with him and they were kinda talking and basically set it up so I could meet with him. I’m not taking any position or anything like that. But we are gonna talk about internships and just the church and stuff like that for a possibility of something next summer. Nothing is in stone, nothing is set, we are just chatting tomorrow. I’ve never even met the guy, so who knows, he might think I’m a nerd and say no thanks (preferably to my face, that’d be a tough thing to hear thru the grapevine. “hey, did you hear that youth pastor thinks you’re a nerd?” See, it’s just a bad situation.) Aaaaanway, that’s tomorrow at 9 in Akron, so I’m gonna hit it cause I would like to be on time (thinking that’s a good thing).

     So I shall bid you goodnight and to all you Grace people reading this, I shall see you soon. So do not fret, do not worry, and do not despair. But remember, if you must, do it like this. Lata ya’ll


     (I cannot believe that he put those last two sentences. What a nerd.)


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