Sup ya’ll? It’s me, your friendly neighboorhood Mid-Western white boy rapper here to hit you up with a little bit of what’s been goin on.  Well, let me just say that we should all observe a moment of silence for the hall formerly known as Gamma A.  The hall was burnt to the ground the other day and now I won’t have these guys as neighbors. But on the bright side, I get to be at Grace when the introduce the first co-ed dorm!! So that’s exciting, and I guess sad. It’s sad because that shouldn’t be exciting. But on some sheltered, Christian school from Indiana level, it is.

     In other news, I have seen the “Big 4” this summer as far as movies go and it makes my summer complete.  What movies you ask? Well let me tell you.  First, I saw The Village.  Which I liked because I like M. Night. But it wasn’t as good as say, The Sixth Sense or Signs.  But I liked it nonetheless. Next, I saw The Bourne Supremacy.  I was surprised again by this movie (just like I was with the first one). If you like government/action movies and stuff, you’ll dig this one.  Then 2 days later I saw the buckest movie of the summer.  I saw I, Robot. This is my kinda movie.  I don’t know about you, but I like Sci-Fi action that “could be real”. Also, it’d been a good while since I had seen Will Smith in anything and boy was he funny. I like that guy, he’s pretty tight. And then last night I went and saw Alien vs Predator. Now, most of you probably will not like this movie. But being a fan of both independent movies (Alien and Predator), this was a must see.  And although I, Robot was the best movie of the summer, I think I liked this movie the most. But I think that I’ll stick with the seperate movies.  And that was my summer movie recap.  And with that, I will conclude this entry. Lata fo now, and I’ll catch a lot of ya’ll in a week or so. Peese



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  1. let me break it down for you…
    spiderman 2- best action movie of the summer
    the village ties with manchurian candidate for suspense
    all others were ehhh…
    that’s it.

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