Well, it’s me again. I know, you’re all shocked. I don’t really have too much to say. Um, I’m gonna be out at school the 19th, and it’s gonna be tight. Everyone needs to go to the first Godsound show of the year. It’s September 4th (it’s a Saturday) and it’s in Plymouth, Indiana. The thing is called the Blueberry Festival ( www.blueberryfestival.org ) We’re playing at 5:10!!! (that’s a suh-weet slot). So I (we) need all ya’ll gracies and anyone within a 100 mile radius to come out and do it “like this.” And, I try to tell everyone I see, but I just gotta make sure I hit everyone…………we have a new site!!! It’s still the same address ( www.godsoundmusic.com ) but it’s totally new. We’ve got pictures from shows and video. We’ve got music and lyrics and all kinds of stuff. So come check it out. Well, that’s about it fuh now, sorry about the commercial. But it’s my zanga, so I can write whatever I want. (and that’s the way uh uh, uh uh I like it). Lata


PS – Isn’t Keith Urban country? What in the world is happening to me?


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  1. what? josh posted?  what’s happening?  irregardless, i finished that book.  wow josh i can’t wait  to talk about it.  good good good stuff.  mm yes.  okay i just wanted to let you know that, i guess i’ll talk to you in 2 weeks?  oh and i went to casey’s wedding.  it was nice.  hm yes we can talk about those events at a later date as well.  welp catch you later

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