Well, it’s me again and I’m doing better. But don’t you just wish sometimes you could learn things from other people? Don’t you wish that you could hear stories and talk to people and learn their lessons? But instead, we (I) choose to learn things the hard way, by doing things ourselves. I guess that isn’t too bad, because then it in engraved in our thinking the lesson that was learned. It’s just annoying, ya know? I know it’s wishful thinking and ultimately it is selfish thinking to want a victory without a trial. Who do I think I am that I can demand an easy road from God when the very road he gave to his own Son was to death on a cross? I am so arrogant, and in dire need of an ever-deepening relationship with my Savior.



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  1. I am glad to see things are better for you Josh!!  Hope your summer is going well…see ya in a few weeks!! ~alice

  2. atkins.  what is up.  man it sounds like your summer was pretty intense friend.  seriously, you gotta holla at me.  i am finally home again with oh so much to talk about (of course, shocking i know) …. wow i can’t wait to get together and chat.  seriouslly, throw me an email. ~k nep

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