I hate failure. I hate the feeling of not being good enough. You know the feeling. It’s the feeling of volitional pain. Pain not caused by someone or something on the outside. But choosing and paying for it. It’s this feeling that drives me. For awhile, it drives me to God. But the effects wear off and I nail Christ to the cross one more time. I feel for Paul when he said “why is it I don’t do anything I know I should do, and I do all the things that I know I shouldn’t?”. God is real, alive, and working in my life and doing great things in molding me into the person he wants me to be. I just wish sometimes we were working together.



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  1. wow dude!  what’s going on roomate?

  2. Anonymous

    hey man, i love you… i love you alot. i’m glad and thankful for your email back. you rock. and dude… remember man, when the times seem to get tougher start busting the buckness out even more and being bad ass… cause you are man. you’re bad ass for Jesus and don’t let the deceptions tell you otherwise. i got you in the prayers man… and make sure you check your email… BAMF

  3. hey kid! well…not sure what the post is about but i hope things are going better for you. ill be prayin for ya…not to totally shift gears but dude..we gotta chat some time about cambodia…you can email if ya wanna..steinmeyer08@hotmail..lata

  4. WOW Josh (kid I swear didn’t go to school with me Freshman year). Jk.  Anyway, sounds like deep stuff.  Why do we always learn so much from the deep stuff.  Keep your eyes open, there must be something your suppose to be seeing and experiencing.  Anyway, and if all else fails………WEAR YOUR GRITS T-SHIRT! WHY:”BECAUSE GODSOUND BOUGHT YOU SOME SHIZ!” Take care, see you in like a month and a half.

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