I sit here enjoying this bittersweet evening. Today was my one month anniversary with my girlfriend, Amber. What a month it has been. The sweetness is off the chain and each day I am thankful and reminded of how good God is to me, a sinner. But it is quite bitter when you see the 1 month come and go and you don’t get to see the one you’re celebrating with. Yeah, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen her and I’m kinda missin her. I know, you’re all saying gimme a break, you’ve been dating for a month, get over it. But it’s tough and I’m telling you I miss her. But I’m headin north (to visit) for a little bit in 9 days and it’s going to be sweet. What a girl. What a blessing. If you think about us/me/her at all during your day, we’d really appreciate your prayers. Not anything in particular, just you know, prayers that God would stay at the center of our relationship and everything we did would be glorifying to Him.

Thanks playas and playettes, that’s all for now.




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  1. I think I know what you’re going through… I miss you too!

  2. hi josh…that’s all …just wanted to say hi…  mostly because i watched saved by the bell today and i thought of you and greg.  that’s all.  πŸ™‚

  3. josh i am a rock star and your cloths don’t fit. what ia m done. i was listening to jarasic 5 and thought of you i love you and know what you are going through oh an di turn 21 saturday (may 29)

  4. josh, hey bro. you should come down to pleasent hill this weekend and help greg celebrate his 21st birthday if you know what i mean tim and i are gonna be there

  5. whats your phone number? i can give you a call and let you know

  6. ohh snap josh do i have stories to tell you … grandpa buckeye tells good ones.  geesh, i’m not leavin them on this gay site …. hah i have to actually tell you them … needless to say, hop cassidy and woody hayes are involved…. ahh yes, grandpa buckeye πŸ™‚  alright i’ll catch you before i head out to the lake.  holla

  7. hey man, i didnt get your number till late afternoon and then tim and i left. sorry bro.

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