Oh gosh, hell hath frozen over!! Josh is updating his zanga. Yes boys and girls, it is I, the master of not keeping his zanga up to date. You would think with so much going on, I would have so much to write about. Well, on the other side of that, with so much going on, I don’t really have time/energy/desire to sit down and just type out all that’s going on. But, I figured I could throw out some words and keep everyone happy (not that you’re even checking mine anymore).

First of all, I need to tell you about a special lady. Her name is Amber and I have so much to tell you (anyone who’s reading this) that I don’t even want to try and put it here. So if you catch me, either online, or run into me somewhere, ask me about her and I’ll tell you all you want (and probably some you didn’t want) to know about this great girl. What a blessing.  Please, ask me. I can’t even think about getting tired of talking about her

Next, I have a job at my church as a youth intern. I will be working with jr high, high school, and college-age students. It’s going to be quite the stretch, but I think God is going to do great things (I know he is) thru me and this position and I’m excited about that. I just started 2 days ago, so really not much to talk about, yet. But things are gonna pick up here pretty soon and then it’s gonna get crazy. Somebody pray fuh me…..

Lastly, I wanna say big ups to 2 of my friends who I really appreciate. First, I wanna say what’s up to Rhett (2 percizzle). This is one “buck” dude and if you know him you can attest to that. I value his friendship very much and look forward to seeing what God has in store for him. Also, I wanna say hey to Sarah. Holy cow, we went thru quite the “administration gauntlet” and boy was it quite the ride. She is someone that I really appreciate because she is the kind of friend that tells me when I am being a piece and sometimes (who am I kidding, a lot of the time) I need that. She’s been there to listen and just bounce ideas off of and for that I want to thank her. Thanks to both you (Sarah) and Rhett for being such good friends. You have no idea how much of an impact you both have had on my life.

That’s it fo now, peese and I shall be in touch (yeah right)





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  1. Anonymous

    awww Josh, you’re a special guy… yes i sound like a girl saying that, but lets face it man, if we were a gay couple i would be the feminine one and you would be the straight one…. ok, all kidding aside though, i appreciate you man, that’s really encouraging what you had to say about me (and Sarah) … but i like you a lot, you always make me feel welcome in your home even if i am there too much… and you don’t let me get away with being a bozo… you’re a good man, and i’m pumped seeing God work in you, and don’t forget we’re gonna bust some MANage out in a student chapel thing next semester… remember 41-13-107:104 that magic numbers…

  2. oh friend we gotta talk … i got some sweet news.  yes yes we must chat … catch ya on here sometime i suppose. 

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