Well folks, it’s that time again. No, I’m not talking about the time you pick up a shirt off the floor and see if it’s got another day’s wear out of it. I’m not talking about the time when you finally decide to check to see what that light on the dash is on for.  And I’m not even talking about the time when you look up from changing cd’s too see what all the honking is about and realize that you’ve been sitting at a green light for a solid 38 seconds. No folks, it is actually that time when I start thinking about “the good ol’ days” back in high school. I only say that because tonight I went over to  a girl’s house for a little high school friends get-together and it just took me back a little bit. Cause irregardless of which girls are there, they will always have the “do you remember when…….” conversations that seem to last for waaaaaaayyyy too long. 

          But actually tonight, I started to think about my high school days and it was interesting to think about where I was and where I am now.  I just love now (new favorite pasttime???) thinking about how God has changed me and developed me as a person and just His way of molding me into the person that seeks after Him.  I don’t really know how He did it, honestly. No matter how hard I tried, He still persisted and desired to shape me (which He has). I’ve been recently just trying to observe how I have been breaking away from my parents and just clinging to my own Christianity and making it mine. It’s a tough thing when you’ve grown up in the church and feel like you know everything. But it has been in my absence from home that I realize that I do not know everything (I know, you’re all shocked).

          Anyway, kinda where I’m at right now.  But I’m also at home and getting ready to watch some SNL and eat some Doritos. So to all from Grace reading this, I shall see you Monday (or later, depending on when I see you). Peese homies and may all your Ishtar baskets be filled with happiness and marshmallow peeps (I love those things).




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  1. Anonymous

    duuuuuuude, remember that one time when we went to the mall and uhh made out like bandits with cd’s and nice clothing outfits?? you do huh? that’s good cause it was only three days ago… and lemme just say i think it’s really great that you’re writing about you are knowing Jesus better since high school… i’m glad i’ve been buds with you since at least your senior year, i know we can see difference in both of us. i love you… and thanks for letting me show you physical affection sometime you’re getting good at it

  2. Anonymous

    oh yea and remember that one time when we saw lebrons greatest game to date? yea 41-13-& a 107-104 Victory oh yes oh yes

  3. dude, old school smitty….nice

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