Now, I realize that these are 2 entries within 4 minutes of eachother, but I just got this idea. I would imagine that it’s not my original idea and I’m sure that someone has thought of this before me, but I don’t care. I am going to try (try being the operative word here) to put up a lyric or song of the day. So the lyric/song of today comes from Green Day and is called “Panic Song”, and it’s off the Insomniac cd (fantastic)

Ready for a cheap escape, on the brink of self destruction

Widespread panic, broken glass inside my head

Bleeding down these thoughts of anguish…..mass confusion

This world is a sick machine, breeding mass and slick

With such a desolate conclusion, filled with void with……I don’t care

There’s a plague inside of me, eating at my disposition

Nothing’s left, torn out of reality

Into a state of no opinion, limp with hate

I………………….wanna jump out


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