Hey dudes and dudettes (1992 anyone?), just wanted to hit you guys up while I’ve got some time while I should be doing something productive.  Hey, something I’ve been dealing with for the past week or so has been really kicking me around and I was just wondering what you guys thought about it. Um, I’ve just been battling with the idea of trusting God. Why is it so hard for me to do this? I know that His will is perfect and He knows what’s best for me. So how come I don’t just trust Him? Why am I so stubborn and insistent on my own way? Arghh, it’s so frustrating because God has always been faithful and still I doubt. I don’t know. I just get mad because I’m willingly holding myself back from growing in my relationship with Him because I’m too busy justifying my actions to just sit back and realize that God is God and I am not (stole that from my buddy Steven Curtis). Oh well, it’s the struggle that makes us who we are, and without it, we are nothing. (ooh, that’s a good quote, you all should copy and paste that to your profiles) Ok, I’m done for now. Any thoughts? Hit me, lata



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  1. i think it is because you are a rapper, no but all seriousness i struggle with the same thing, i guess i think i am better then god, boy what a joke i am living

  2. atkins i struggle with that too just like you and bashore…………. just keep calling on Christ to lift your burdens bro and HE will do it!!!!!!!

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