Well well well, look who updated his freakin zanga!!! For the simpleton who is reading this, I’m talking about myself.  Wow, so Lerew, how long has it been since my last entry? I have soooooo much to tell. “Brian put the tea on, I have stories” (Family Guy anyone?) So yeah, don’t think that I’m gonna just say everything that has happened since the last entry cause like George Bush (Sr.) “I’m not gonna do it.” But I guess I could let ya’ll know what’s been goin on the past couple-a days. Well, right now I’m in Wooster because GODSoUND (what’s with the little “o”?) had a show last night in Macedonia OH for an outreach. It was nice playin for a new audience, but nothin beats the Gracies and the way they “do it like this.” Um, yeah, and after the show, I was so in the mood for hip hop, I went out and bought a cd. What cd you ask? 50 Cent? Bow Wow? Heavy D? No, I actually got the new Dave Matthews cd (but I thought you said you were in the mood for hip hop?) Anyway, I like it, it’s different, and I’m sure anyone who might read this probably hates Dave, so nevermind my review. Welp, I think I’m going to end this right now. I’m getting picked up in about 15 minutes or so to head back to the lake, so I gotta get ready. But I’ll see all you beautiful people in awhile. Peese (for another 5 months)



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  1. well josh it is good to see that you do procrastinate in many areas of your life, not just with school … well i am sitting in programming (hating my life) and found your page somehow.  it seems that you havent been here for over 4 months, so heaven only knows if you will ever read this, but thought i’d drop a hello.  and a reminder about council today … welp hope the rec is enjoyable, see ya in a few

  2. Anonymous

    hmm dont really know you, just seen you around.. but fell apon your site.. and yeah you dont write to much do ya..

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