Well, it’s about 7 on a Thursday night and I’m about to start on a project for coaching class that’s due tomorrow.  Yes, I said “coaching class.”  I am in a class that talks about coaching sports.  It’s the life of a potential gym teacher, and I love it. But in about 45 minutes to an hour from now, I got the conductor from the group Godsound (heard of em???) so we can work on stuff for this saturday.  SAB blowout, Grace College, be there or, well, um, then I suppose you’ll be somewhere else now won’t you. Aaaaanyway, I’m headin out.  peese



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  1. so i was just randomly clicking on people’s sites and somehow i ended up here!  what a pleasant surprise, it’s my old friend from the florida trip!   hi josh!

  2. hey, i too, just stumbled upon your site. hope all is going well with the rhymin’ business. do you guys have a cd out yet? peace.shannon kearns

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